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Learn essential window cleaning techniques for Salt Lake City’s unique environment, tackling challenges like hard water stains and extreme weather. Our guide offers practical solutions for businesses to keep windows spotless year-round.

Importance of clean and clear windows

In addition to improving the place of business’s visual attractiveness, clean windows provide several practical advantages. Maintaining clean windows may drastically minimize the quantity of sunlight that enters your area, which is important for a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Also, clear windows enhance the view, letting you take in all of Salt Lake City’s breathtaking scenery.

Dos for maintaining clean windows

  1. Regular cleaning schedule: Establish a schedule for washing your windows. Try to clean them at least twice a year, depending on the environment. It’s essential to clean your windows in the spring and autumn in Salt Lake City since seasonal changes might bring dust, pollen, and other debris.
  2. Use the right tools: Invest in top-notch window cleaning equipment for optimal outcomes. Essential tools for washing windows are a squeegee, microfiber cloth, a bucket with warm water and mild detergent, and a sturdy ladder.
  3. Start from the top: Always clean your windows from the top and work your way down. This ensures that any drips or streaks from the cleaning solution will be cleaned up as you progress.

Don’ts for window cleaning

  1. Using abrasive materials: Steel wool and strong chemical cleansers are examples of abrasive products that should be avoided since they can scratch and break glass. Use gentle, non-abrasive products, such as rubber squeegees or microfiber towels.
  2. Cleaning windows in direct sunlight: When cleaning windows in direct sunshine, the cleaning solution may dry too rapidly, leaving residue and streaks behind. Select a gloomy day to work on, or choose an early or late afternoon shift so that the sun doesn’t shine through the windows.
  3. Using excess cleaning solution: For window cleaning products, more isn’t necessarily better. Excessive use of solution might result in residue buildup, giving the appearance of filthy windows. Make sure to use a reasonable quantity and distribute it evenly around the glass.

Window cleaning tools and supplies

To achieve professional-quality results, it’s essential to have the right tools and supplies. Here are some must-have items for your window cleaning toolkit:

  1. Squeegee: The preferred instrument for washing windows is a squeegee. It assists in removing residue and cleaning agents without producing streaks. For optimal results, go for a premium squeegee with a rubber blade.
  2. Microfiber cloth: Microfiber cloths are excellent for wiping away excess cleaning solution and achieving a streak-free finish. They are highly absorbent and gentle on glass surfaces.
  3. Bucket: A bucket is essential for holding your cleaning solution. Opt for a bucket with a handle and a wide opening to accommodate your tools.
  4. Window cleaning solution: There are various commercial window cleaning solutions available in the market, but you can also make your own using a mixture of water and a mild detergent.

Tips for cleaning windows in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City’s unique environment presents some challenges when it comes to window cleaning. Here are a few tips to help you maintain clean and clear windows in this area:

  1. Tackle hard water stains: Because of the high mineral concentration in Salt Lake City’s water supply, windows frequently get difficult-to-remove hard water stains. Use a spray bottle to combine equal parts distilled white vinegar and water to eliminate these stains. After applying the solution to the afflicted regions and letting it sit for a little while, use a microfiber towel to clean it off.
  2. Protect windows during extreme weather: Extreme weather, such as snowstorms and strong winds, is common in Salt Lake City. Consider adding storm windows or window film to add a layer of insulation to your windows to protect them during these harsh periods.
  3. Clean window tracks and frames: Don’t forget to clean the window tracks and frames as well. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dirt and debris, then wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Common window cleaning mistakes to avoid

Even with the best intentions, window cleaning mistakes can happen. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Skipping the pre-cleaning: Before using any cleaning solution, pre-cleaning is a crucial step that entails clearing the windows of any loose dirt and debris. Ignoring this step will result in streaks and a less thorough cleaning.
  2. Using newspaper to clean windows: While it may be a popular DIY hack, using newspaper to clean windows can leave ink residue and streaks. Stick to microfiber cloths or rubber squeegees for a streak-free finish.
  3. Neglecting window screens: Window screens can accumulate dust and grime over time. Remember to clean them regularly using a soft brush or by gently rinsing them with water.

Hiring professional window cleaning services in Salt Lake City

There are several respectable window cleaning services in Salt Lake City if you would rather leave the window cleaning to the pros. Hiring experts guarantees a comprehensive and effective cleaning job while also saving you time and effort.

Benefits of professional window cleaning

Professional window cleaning services offer several benefits, including:

  1. Expertise and experience: Professional window cleaners have the knowledge and experience to handle different types of windows and achieve exceptional results.
  2. Access to specialized equipment: Professional cleaners have access to specialized equipment and tools that can effectively clean hard-to-reach areas, high-rise windows, or windows in commercial buildings.
  3. Time-saving: Hiring professionals allows you to focus on other tasks while they take care of your window cleaning needs.

DIY window cleaning solutions and recipes

If you prefer the DIY route, here are a few homemade window-cleaning solutions and recipes:

  1. Vinegar and water solution: Mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the windows, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away with a microfiber cloth or squeegee.
  2. Ammonia-based solution: Mix two tablespoons of ammonia, one teaspoon of dish soap, and one gallon of water in a bucket. Use this solution to clean your windows, then rinse with clean water and dry with a microfiber cloth.
  3. Lemon juice and water solution: Squeeze the juice of two lemons into a spray bottle and add water. Spray the solution on the windows, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away with a microfiber cloth.


In Salt Lake City, Utah, achieving pristine windows requires correct techniques, the right equipment, and regular maintenance. By following the dos and don’ts of window cleaning and utilizing local tips, you can enjoy Salt Lake City’s stunning views through spotless windows. For those tough jobs, consider enlisting the expertise of CleanMenders International, professionals in window cleaning. So grab your supplies, don your gloves, and join us in ensuring impeccably clean windows throughout the year.