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Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Service

Discover how our Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Service transformed Master Halco, a leading building materials supplier, into a cleanliness and hygiene benchmark.

Project Overview: Detailing a Transformative Clean

  • Location: 3520 W Ninigret Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.
  • Client: Master Halco.
  • Facility Type: A premier provider of fencing materials.
  • Facility Size: An expansive 25000 sq. feet.
  • Service Area: The entire facility benefited from professional janitorial services commercial.

The Challenge: A Fresh Start After Subpar Service

Faced with a previous service that didn’t meet the high standards required for a commercial kitchen cleaning service, Master Halco needed a new beginning.

Our Solution: A Dual-Threat Cleaning Strategy

Employing both deep cleaning and advanced sanitization protocols, we crafted a solution that is often sought in queries for janitor service near me.

  • In-Depth Cleaning: Using cutting-edge technology, our team focused on every detail, similar to the precision required in an office cleaning service.
  • Sanitization Excellence: The post-cleaning process included comprehensive sanitization, akin to the thoroughness expected in commercial kitchen cleaning services.

The Result: Beyond Cleanliness to Coziness

The transformation of Master Halco’s facility into a welcoming workspace mirrors the results we aim for in our commercial cleaning services.

Conclusion: Commitment to Quality and Affordability

This case study showcases the results-driven approach of our affordable and quality-centric Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services.