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Easy, Safe Way To Clean A Shower Curtain


Easiest way to clean your shower curtains

This is one of my favorite tips. A person on Merchant Circle asked what the best way to clean their shower curtain was. There were many responses, but ours was voted the best.  There are no additional chemicals that go down the drain to harm the environment, and there is little to no work involved. Here is what you do.


step one in cleaning your shower curtain

Step 1. Take down your shower curtain. (One of the hardest steps.)

cleaning shower curtain 2

Step 2. Remove hanging rings and separate curtain from liner

cleaning a shower curtain 3

Step 3.Throw the shower curtain in the washing machine with some dirty rags or clothing

Cleaning a shower curtain 4

Step 4. Add detergent. (Wow that was easy, just like the remaining steps)

Cleaning a shower curtain 5

Step 5. Start the machine, walk away and go play Angry Birds or play a game with friends or family while you wait.

Cleaning a shower curtain 6

Step 6. When the washing machine is finished take the shower curtain out. Do not put it in the Dryer!!!.

Cleaning your Shower Curtain 7

Step 7. Hang it up in the shower, and let it air dry. You are done!


This method should not harm your shower curtain. It can be used three or more times  before you will need to replace your shower curtain.


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Author: Matt Elggren

I meet with all potential clients and determine what needs they have. I construct a proposal that is customized to each business. I was a Marketing student at the University of Utah, and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fall of 2013. I am currently the sales director at CleanMenders International.

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